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Top 3 Diet Programs Compared!

Comparison of the top diet and weight loss programs…

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Diet and nutrition are easily the most important component of successful weight loss. The basic idea is simple – you reduce your overall intake of calories and it in turn helps you lose unneeded weight. However, there are a ton of different diets out there with fanatic following which in turn makes it harder to discern what actually works and what doesn’t. We have compiled a comparison of the top 3 programs that have provided the most consistent and proven principles to people in all walks of life…

 Top 3 Diet Programs Compared

Rank Website Pros & Cons Average Results Review See Below
1   Just works! No calorie counting, very simple and flexible, no ‘rules’ to apply (except just one!)
Quick initial and long term fat loss. Varies in different people of course.
2 Pros: very popular and good for initial fat loss.
Cons: Tends to work in the short term, but not so much in the long run.
Good initial fat loss results, but not good for long term results. Varies in different people.
3 Pros: works well for people who need some custom plans.
Cons: Dones’t offer anything over ‘No Rules Diet’, is expensive. 
Works for some, but doesn’t offer anything specific over No Rules Diet.


No Rules Diet Review 

The No Rules Diet is a program claims to be the only genuine weight loss regimen in existence that can give you consistent, healthy weight loss without any dieting, exercise or health rules.

According to the author, they were 40 pounds overweight and they seemed to be in a constant cycle of going on diets, losing a bit of weight, losing their drive, gaining back the weight, being unhappy. This pushed them to find a solution to the problem based on a single epiphany: they couldn’t stay on a diet forever.

This is one of the key components of any successful ‘diet’ — it cannot be a diet! It’s interesting that vast majority of the ‘diets’ only work for those with a strong willpower who would lose weight anyway once they made up their mind to do so. The ‘No Rules Diet’ is actually perfect for those who’ve struggled with maintaining the supposed diets. 

There are a ton of pros to this system. First, it is incredibly simple, so much so that when I read their “advice” I felt like a complete idiot. Their program is something you should be able to figure out for yourself, but you don’t. It is also affordable, at only $26 with a 60 day money back guarantee.

LunchBox Diet Review 

The Lunch Box Diet is a popular program that originated in the United Kingdom. It was created by Simon Lovell, who claims he has found a way to lose belly fat forever.

With this program, you are basically targeting belly fat. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t see affects in other areas,, as well. You should begin to watch the same weight loss through your whole body as you go, as long as you lose at a healthy rate, rather than all at once.

I wasn’t quite as impressed with The Lunch Box Diet, despite the wide coverage from magazines and news programs. It is merely a diet plan, which makes it hard to believe it would be sustainable for permanent loss. There is no lifestyle change involved, nothing like that taught.

They are also kind of sneaky about price. It is kind of like Atkin’s…you get on the program and think that is it. But then there are books to buy, recipes to find, products to try; none of this is built into the initial cost or the 21-day trial.

But on a positive note, the plan itself works just fine for that initial fat loss.

 Anything Goes Diet Review 

The Anything Goes Diet is a program created by Adonis Effect author John Barban. It is a system that he says will offer flexibility and practicality to a customized weight loss plan.

Actual reviews of the diet have been mixed. There have been some people who seem to have lost some weight in the last few months since the program have been released. But others say it doesn’t deliver quite what is promised, and even some believe it is a little too close to the No Rules Diet to be called an original system. Certainly, I saw some similarities.

The program is also extremely expensive. It costs over $180, though it is currently on sale. It does provide a pretty good money back guarantee, of up to a whole year. That might make it worth the risk, but again you are better off buying a cheaper product with a shorter guarantee still long enough to let you see the results.

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